Stevan Damjanovic, SRFSPE, OCS

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In Brief

Born April 1st 1978 in Belgrade, SFRY
So far, has been seriously engaged in history, economics, poetry, consecutive interpreting, frontend web development, web technology, company and startup management.
Learned to play chess at age 5. Discontinued active playing by age 14 with Category 2 (Class B) attained at the time.
Identified as profoundly gifted at age 7.

Activities - Past And Present

Webmaster, ISPE 2011 -
Director of Admissions, ISPE 2008 - 2009
Membership Committee, Prometheus Society 2004 -
Editor, Prometheus Society (Gift of Fire) 2006 - 2008
Editor, Triple Nine Society 2007 - 2008
ExCom Member, Triple Nine Society 2006 - 2007
Co-President, Cerebrals 2002 -
Founder, Vertex 2006
President, Helliq 2004 - 2005

Male Line Ancestry

I1d1 Y-DNA
Norman direct male line. Reconstruction of path based on genetic distances and TMRCA with close paternal matches:

1. Scandinavia until the 9th/10th centuries
2. Normandy in 11th and 12th centuries
3. Northern Italy cca. 14th and 15th centuries
4. Adriatic Sea past 16th century

Updated: April 11th, 2014

Recent Ancestors

3/4 Germanic
1/4 East Mediterranean, Caucasus

I fondly cherish my ancestry from the following peoples within 3 to 5 generations:

German Saxons
German Prussians
German Alsatians
Ukrainian Cossacks

Just as we regard our parents and their care we ought to be aware that from generation to generation all of our ancestors parented the unbroken line that we currently end, and that their cumulative effort to make a better life for their children and consequently ourselves must drive us to never stop seeking the same for our own children. That is the one single source of honor and commitment that binds us for the common good. We should always picture ourselves as seen by our descendants and make sure we provide reasons for them to look upon us with the same dignity with which we look upon our forefathers.

Updated: April 11th, 2014

Dragutin Damjanovic 1902-1980

Dragutin Damjanovic Paternal grandfather
1902 born in Negotin
1915 retreated over Albania on foot during WWI, with his family.
1916 sailed into Marseilles with his brother
1916-1920 attended a high school in Villefranche, France
1920-1929 studied construction engineering in France and Belgrade and sang in the Academic Choir "Obilic" where he met his future wife Jelena Zivic
1936 married Jelena Zivic, whom he knew for over ten years by that time
1938 May 25th had a son, my father Milutin
1940s worked in the Ministry of Traffic and on several key railroad lines as a chief engineer
1947 one of the co-founders of the Yugoslav Direction for the Development of Railways
1950s chief projecting engineer in numerous railway projects awarded several high state medals for his knowledge and dedication
1962 chosen as a professor at Faculty for Mining and Geology of the University of Belgrade despite no previous academic career
1962-1976 regular professor at the University of Belgrade
1980 Dec 19th died in Belgrade

Jelena Zivic 1901-1997

Jelena Zivic Paternal grandmother
1901 Sept 17th born in Belgrade
1918 survived the Spanish Flu
1920 began studying medicine, but soon dropped out in favor of Architecture
1922-1930 studied architecture and sang in the Academic Choir "Obilic" where she met her future husband Dragutin Damjanovic and toured Europe for numerous concerts
1932 completed her post graduate studies with specialization in Byzantine sacral architecture and acquired her advanced degree
1930-1941 worked in the Ministry of Construction of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
1935-1941 worked in the team that designed and laid out plans for the erection of the largest orthodox temple in Europe, the church of St. Sava, brought to life over half a century later after 1986 and only recently completed.
Also contributed to a designing team for construction of the second largest church in Belgrade, the church of St. Mark
1936 married Dragutin Damjanovic
1938 May 25th had a son, my father Milutin
1945- stayed at home, since her skills were not prized in Tito's Yugoslavia
1997 May 4th died in Belgrade

Stojadin Mladenovic 1920-2006

Stojadin Mladenovic Maternal grandfather
1920 Sept 21st born in Vranje
1939 began studies of law
1938-1941 extensively active in the underground communist movement. Imprisoned for a year
1941 July arrested by the occupying authorities following the raid he organized and led during which a railway and telegraph communication lines were blown up near Vranje at the beginning of the revolt against nazi occupation
1941-1944 spent time in the Bulgarian prison camp
1944-1945 took part in the final battles of WWII in Yugoslavia after being released by the Red Army
1945 married Jelica Trajkovic
1945-1948 director of the communist party school in Belgrade
1948 came into conflict with the communist party over the split between Tito and Stalin
1948-1953 spent time in prisons in Belgrade and on Goli Otok
1955-1975 employed in the Statistical Institute of Serbia. Reached the position of Deputy Director. Developed great interest in collecting books gathering around 5000 books, which were my greatest interest during the early years of my life
1974-1990 together with his wife Jelica toured 58 countries worldwide
1975-2005 regularly went to a small ranch outside Belgrade where he actively engaged in gardening and raising cats
2006 January 9th died in Belgrade

Jelica Trajkovic 1920-2004

Jelica Trajkovic Maternal grandmother
1920 April 27th born in Vranje
1939 began studies of Medicine
1940 married her colleague, Milivoje Jokanovic
1942 Oct 6th had a son, Jokan Jokanovic
1942-1945 her husband Milivoje went missing in WWII
1942 lost a sister Olivera-Verica Djordjevic in WWII
1945 married her second husband Stojadin Mladenovic
1947 June 7th has a daughter, my mother Verica
1949 married her 3rd husband, Petar
1952 completes graduate studies of law
1955 re-marries 2nd husband Stojadin Mladenovic
1952-1978 worked in several courts as a barrister and in the Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia where she was charged with preparing laws regulating health services
1974-1990 toured 58 countries worldwide with her husband Stojadin
1975-2003 going to a small ranch off Belgrade regularly and enjoying gardening and reading
2004 February 11th died in Belgrade

Prokopije Damjanovic 1871-1943

Prokopije Damjanovic Paternal great-grandfather
1871 born in Krs, Sinjajevina
1878 migrates with his parents from Montenegro to Serbia where he begins elementary education
1893 completes higher education and becomes a Professor of language and literatureProkopije Damjanovic Sergeant WWI
1896 married Teodora Dumitrescu, a Romanian
1897-1900 had two daughters and a son born
1902 has a son Dragutin, my grandfatherProkopije Damjanovic Inscription to his son Dragutin
1915-1918 retreates on foot over Albania with his sons and sees them off to France while he continues to push the Thessaloniki front as a sergeant in the Serbian Army. Both daughters were lost to poor life conditions during WWI
1919-1934 settled in Belgrade with the rest of his family and became a school and teaching process inspector
1943 died in Belgrade


I have authored about 70 poems in the period between 1995 and 2002, and several more since 2002. Even though I have received some high aclaims, they still remain unpublished.

A Few Selected Poems

The poems are in Serbo-Croatian and can thus be read only by Serbo-Croatian speaking people. They can be accessed from the menu to the right.

I may add a couple more given a sufficient interest.


Usred noći puste na oltaru hrama
Dostojno i mirno stoji Hrista Raspeće
Svuda naokolo vlada gusta tama
Samo pokraj Njega da zavlada neće.

Noć je zimska, hladna, mraz se leden hvata
I van i unutra pramen njen se kreće,
Smrzava se vazduh tih usnulih sata
Samo oko Njega smrznuti se neće.

Sred studi i tame, sveg zaspalog sveta
Jedna samo svetlost tiha, mirna blista
Pruža se lagano sa Raspeća Hrista.

Nagoveštaj jutra svetu ona nosi
Ostrvo topline i sjaja sred zime
Svetlosti s Raspeća, Spasenje je ime.

7. novembar 1995.

Najveće blago

Sačuvao sam ružinu laticu
Koju su ljubile tvoje usne
I jednu traku
Koju su dirali tvoji prsti
Stavio sam ih zajedno
U tesnu kutiju
Da im ne bude lakše
Nego ljubavi koja se guši
Sama i neizmerna
U malom smrtnom telu
Onda sam jednog dana
Dok si sedela za mojim stolom
Video tvoju vlas
Koja je pala na njega
Dodirnuo sam te
Ali bilo je kasno
I mi smo krenuli
Kada sam se vratio
Našao sam tvoju vlas
Bila je usamljena
I bila je tužna
Podigao sam je i poljubio
A zatim
Sam je stavio u istu malu kutiju
I zaplakao umesto nje

oktobar 1996.


Primi ovu pesmu kao buket ruža,
Ili bombonjeru, il bocu parfema,
Svejedno, jer ruka koja ti je pruža
Do da grli tebe druge sreće nema.

Primi ovu pesmu kao što se prima
Poklon što je moguć jedino iz srca
Koga plave radost, krv i strasna plima,
A sve samo zato što kraj tebe kuca.

Počuj ove reči koje kažu svašta
U kitnjastom redu, vatreno i tečno,
A zapravo usta, kao ispod plašta,
Samo kriju želju da te ljube večno.

I sve što u poklon nije moglo stati
Poznaćeš i steći u trenima svima,
Jer ni ja sam neću nikad tačno znati
Kolko još lepote u ljubavi ima...

3. septembar 1997.


Koliko sam puta prošao gradom
Kao pustinjom
U kojoj se glasovi ljudi gube
Pred istinom da te nema.
Nema mesta gde nije stigla
Moja nada da ću te sresti
Ni lika
U kome nisam očekivao tvoj lik
Ne idem tamo gde znam da jesi
Jer to je tvrđava koja te krije
Zidovi od kamena
Pod kojima bih večito ostao
Ne, već te tražim da te sretnem
Tumarajući ulicama
Koje su nalik na moju dušu
Jer ih pohodiš i ostavljaš puste
Da se u njima sretnem sa sobom.

15. mart 2001.


Ti si senka srca, mada draga duši
Jedna bolna stvarnost daleka od snova,
Puko priviđenje što steže i guši,
A već korak dalje ti si žena nova.

Tvoj osmeh je moje ludo snoviđenje
I oči ti sjaje, tek u dnu mog oka,
Zvali mi to ljubav, pre je poniženje,
Ma koliko jaka, ma kako duboka.

Ti si moja mašta i do ovog trena
Sreća što se ruši od časa do časa,
Ili bolje reći iluzija njena
Nestvarna i lažna bez daha i glasa.

Nisi više ona što izgledaš da si
Nego prizor prepun laži i obmana
Pred kojim se konačno i moj privid gasi
I ostaješ bolna uspomena dana.

20. mart 1999.

Bez razloga

I tako dok si išla na drugu stranu,
Jer je postojao hiljadu i jedan razlog
Da kreneš u suprotnom smeru,
Pomislih kako su razlozi
Najgora ljudska kob.
Razloge svako smišlja
Kako god sam sebi želi.
Za svaku stvar
Postoji bar jedan koji je moguće naći
Toliko da kada nešto činiš sa razlogom
To je tako
Samo jer ne činiš ono što izvesno hoćeš.
Kada je čovek zaista siguran,
On ne mari da smišlja zašto
I zna da svakako jeste.

Nikada nećeš imati
Baš svaki mogući razlog
Samo na svojoj strani.
To znači da možeš da budeš
Jedino uprkos njima,
A ne radi nekog od njih.
Razlozi ne postoje.
Oni su naše laži
I male iluzije o sopstvenoj kontroli,
Kojima je sopstvena sreća
Uglavnom jedina cena.
Bez sumnje znam da postoji
Hiljadu i jedan razlog
Da odem i ne javim se više,
A ipak, idem za tobom

februar 2009.

Pre odlaska

Kada odeš bez mene
Pa pružiš ruku da dohvatiš me
Ja neću više biti tu.

Možda je takav bio plan?
Da sve što bude, kao da nije,
Kada odeš da ostane sve
Na svome mestu kao pre.
Da krišom, kradom volimo se
Kao što i do tad volesmo se?

Pa, tako i volim te!
Sada kao nekad, zauvek i pre,
Ali gde?

Kad odeš, ostane sve,
Samo nestane to mesto gde
I volimo se,
A nema tebe i nema me
I nema nas i nemamo se.

Society Memberships

Sr. Research Fellow
International Society for Philosophical Enquiry

4G Elite Member / 168+ IQ sd16 - highest 70k in 7 billion
Sinapsa / 168+ IQ sd16 - highest 70k in 7 billion
Epimetheus - card / 164+ IQ sd16
Prometheus - (s) / 164+ IQ sd16
Grand Elite / 164+ IQ sd16
Ultranet / 164+ IQ sd16
Camp Archimedes / 164+ IQ sd16
Helliq / 164+ IQ sd16
Vertex Society / 160+ IQ sd16
THIS Elite Member / 160+ IQ sd16
Triple Nine Society / 149+ IQ sd16
Cerebrals / 144+ IQ sd16
Mensa / 132+ IQ sd16

Having taken six standardized, psychometric intelligence tests (WISC-R at age 7, RAPM II and EPC-L (N-VCPE-R) at age 24, Cattell CFIT-3A at age 25, JCTI at age 30 and C-09 at age 31), the obtained results allowed me to become a member in the above listed IQ societies: (in order of decreasing minimum IQ required for membership)


I actively engage in pursuing all of the following: philosophy, astronomy, history (classical, medieval, modern), writing, genealogy, psychometrics, politics and social concepts, economy, theology, movies, photography.

I speak, read and write English, French, Russian and Serbo-Croatian, read and moderately speak and write Bulgarian (maternal language in direct matrilineal line), and read-only Italian, Spanish, Latin, Slovenian, Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Ukrainian and slightly Greek.


I wouldn't be much mistaken to say that my all time favorite thing is actually Internet. This is reasonable since Internet holds or has the potential to hold in one way and format or another, most of the individual things that I count as favorites.


Web Development

My active work in web development included application of HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL in building W3C standards compliant websites with and without dynamic content management. Some of the showcased websites may have been taken offline or otherwise changed over time.

Some of Past Web Works

Helliq Society

Helliq Society

xhtml, css, php, seo, url rewriting, photoshop, w3c standards compliant

year: 2008



xhtml, css, php, seo, url rewriting, photoshop, w3c standards compliant

year: 2008

Atlagic Dental

Atlagic Dental

xhtml, css, javascript, php, mysql, seo, photoshop, w3c standards compliant

year: 2008



xhtml, css, php, mysql, photoshop, flash, w3c standards compliant

year: 2007

Sexual Life Improvement

Sex Life Improvement

xhtml, css, php, mysql, seo, photoshop, flash, w3c standards compliant

year: 2007



scheduled for conversion to xhtml/css; php, mysql, html, photoshop

year: 2006



scheduled for conversion to xhtml/css; php, mysql, html, photoshop

year: 2005

Helliq Society

Helliq Society

scheduled for conversion to xhtml/css; html, javascript, photoshop

year: 2002 old old

html, javascript, photoshop, flash

year: 2003

Personal Information (all fields required):

Enquiry Details:

Testing for Giftedness

Scored above the total ceiling score of IQ 167+ sd16 (163+ sd15) on WISC-R at age 7 and one month, a result that by her own account the Psychologist who tested me had never seen in practice in 20+ years of her career by that time. However, I refused skipping any grades, even though I was told that theoretically I should skip more than four.

Overall, I have taken six professional standardized tests:

  • WISC-R by D.Wechsler, Ph.D.
  • RAPM-II by J.C.Raven, Ph.D.
  • CFIT-3A by R.Cattell, Ph.D.
  • EPC-L by X.Jouve, Ph.D.
  • JCTI by X.Jouve, Ph.D.
  • C-09 by X.Jouve, Ph.D.

scoring between IQ 163 sd16 and IQ 170 sd16, with an average of 165.6 sd16, as well as 173 sd16 on an experimental test. Since these are all at the very end level of meaningful statistical measurement they indicate a value above these numbers. One way of trying to get around this ceiling limitation is applying the method of variance of sums on these scores which leads to an indicated total rarity IQ of 171-174 sd16 - roughly among the highest 13 thousand people in 7 billion. However, this method is limited too as basically beyond the range of about 160-165 sd16 there is virtually no sufficiently substantial way (other than estimations through ratio scores and variance of sums) to establish what a person's true level of general cognitive ability is (see: Spearman's Law of Diminishing Returns).

In a 1993 book "Exceptionally Gifted Children", Miraca Gross reports cases of subjects scoring at or near the ceiling of the WISC-R (measuring rarity IQ) who, when tested with the higher ceiling Stanford-Binet L-M (measuring ratio IQ), achieved ratio scores of 198 and 200 which translate to regular deviation values of 172-174 sd16, same as the variance of sums of the combined deviation scores I achieved.